2018 Alltra CNC Plasma Table w/Hypertherm HPR130XD PG14-11

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2018 Alltra CNC Plasma Table w/Hypertherm HPR130XD PG14-11

$144,900 (USD)




Hypertherm HPR130XD Material Estimated Cut Speeds:

Mild steel ¼” thick         130 Amps, 150 IPM

Mild steel 3/8” thick       130 Amps, 110 IPM

Mild steel ½” thick         130 Amps, 80 IPM

Mild steel 5/8” thick       130 Amps, 60 IPM

Mild steel ¾” thick         130 Amps, 45 IPM

Mild steel 1” thick          130 Amps, 20 IPM

Mild steel 1 ¼” thick      130 Amps, 15 IPM

Mild steel 1 ½” thick      130 Amps, 10 IPM

Equipped with:

PC based CNC controller w/15” touchscreen LCD display

Microsoft Windows 8 operating system

40 GB solid state hard drive (SATA) 2 GB DDR3 ram

2.26 Ghz intel core 2 duo mobile processor

(4) front panel USB ports

Operating console

AC brushless servo drive system

Dual linear ways on cross axis w/protective bellows

Heat shield for added beam and deck protection

Rail & wheel scrapers w/air blast nozzle at 4 locations

Air manifold & filter/regulator

Floor mounted drive rails

Composite power track for cables & hoses

Automatic torch height control

Laser pointers

Wireless network card

Miscellaneous consumables

Water type work table 11’ 8” x 16’ 6” x 32” tall (28” slat cutting height)


ManufacturerAlltra CNC Plasma Table w/Hypertherm HPR130XD
Stock Number10526
Nominal cutting area10' x 15'
Max travels140" x 198"
Machine power requirement480V, 3 PH, 18 Amp
Plasma power source power requirement480V, 3 PH, 26 Amp
Fuses recommendation for plasma power sourceTime delay, high in rush, 35 Amp
Standard rapid traverse speed600 IPM
Plasma output30 Amps to 130 Amps
Production piercing max thickness1" mild steel
Max cutting capacity (edge start)1 1/2" mild steel
Production piercing max thickness3/4" stainless steel
Max cutting capacity (edge start)1" stainless steel
Production piercing max thickness3/4" aluminum
Max cutting capacity (edge start)1" aluminum