Haco TS 10 x 1/4 Hydraulic Shear TS3006

No longer available

Haco TS 10 x 1/4 Hydraulic Shear TS3006

$51,500 (USD)

Orange City, IA


Equipped with:

Standard frame TS 10 x ¼”

SP9 shear control

Standard hold downs

CYAN251013-Dark Grey

Finger protection Type II w/hand gaps

Motorized back gauge 40”, 2.1 IPS ball screw spindle

Standard plate support 20” and 2 ball transfer units

Squaring arm of 40” and 3 ball transfer units

Cutting line illumination w/wire

Set of blades for stainless steel


ManufacturerHaco TS 10 x 1/4 Hydraulic Shear
Serial Number23981
Stock Number10671
Working length122"
Capacity (mild steel)1/4" (66.000 PSI)
Minimum cutting angle0.5 degrees
Maximum cutting angle3 degrees
Number of hold downs18
Strokes per minute for small angle14
Strokes per minute for big angle8
Working height30"
Main motor10 HP
Total length150"
Total height69"
Width w/out CE safety fences65"
Width w/CE safety fences106"
Approximate weight11,200 LBS